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Elkay Stopper/Flange

$77.00 $20.00
Polymer Drain Fitting with Removable Basket Strainer and Rubber Stopper Black. Its accessories are designed to fit perfectly and coordinate with your sink. From drains and bottom grids, to cutting boards and magnetic sink organization accessories, the accessories you need are available. They help make your time at the sink more efficient and effortless.


  • Color match: Coordinate your drain to match the color of your Quartz Classic or Quartz Luxe sink Available in 16 beautiful hues
  • Polymer: Material is infused with color, and will not chip or scratch off from daily use
  • Basket strainer and stopper: Strainer catches food and waste from going down the drain Use stopper to fill sink with water for washing and soaking
  • Durable: Corrosion resistant for long-lasting durability