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Luxrite 1x4 FT LED Flat Panel Light, 45W, 0-10V Dimmable, 12x48 Inch LED Light Panel, UL Listed, 2-Pack

$179.00 $69.00

NSTANT SAVINGS - Reduce your electricty usage with an LED panel light that only uses 45W of power, effectively cutting the cost of your monthly electricity bill! A flawless replacement to your standard 4FT fluorescent lighting fixtures.

HIGH EFFICIENCY - Each 1 x 4 FT LED troffer panel light pushes the limits of standard light output in order to provide exceedingly optimal lighting with over 100 lm/W of high end efficiency.

VERSATILE INSTALLATION - A simple and convenient LED panel ceiling light which can be installed into your drop ceiling, utilized with a surface mounting kit, or hanging from the ceiling with ease (kit and suspension not included). Ideal for homes, hospitals, schools, shops, supermarket, office, or any place requiring a highly efficient LED panel light fixture.

DIMMABLE - Take control of your lighting needs with the ability to reduce from 100% to 10% lighting output with a fully dimmable LED panel light fixture. Set your lights according to your mood and take delight in a pleasant atmosphere, every time.