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Victoria Grain Grinder with Clamp

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Victoria Grain Grinder 

The brand name VICTORIA in history dates back to 1840 when in honor of Queen VICTORIA 1. During her reign, she promoted a project of corn milling in gratitude to the Maya people for promoting corn cereal as a nutritional element. The VICTORIA brand name products are manufactured by MECANICOS UNIDOS S.A. a company founded in 1939 by Raul Mejia Saldarriaga a foundryman. In 1968 Mr. Mejia purchased the rights of the brand name and the production of hand corn mills from the company JGallo located in the city of Caldas state of Antioquia. Today the company is located in the city of Itagui state of Antioquia Colombia South America this location is strategic for exporting the products to 24 countries due to his excellent quality. Other products besides the corn grinder are Tortilla press, flat meat grills, pans, and other products made of high quality cast iron. The company can ship products with different finish like seasoned, tin coded, glass enamel and nonstick. Some of our products are in homes around the world.