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VIGO VG08023MB Bowery 19.81" L -5.0" W -58.06" H Shower Massage Panel 4 -Jet High Pressure Shower System with Control Type, Brass Hardware in Matte Black Finish `

$449.00 $198.00

 POWERFUL WATER SYSTEM: Engineered with a rain showerhead, 4 powerful body spray jets and a hand shower, it delivers a massaging shower experience.

SOOTHING HYDROTHERAPY: Massaging jets target specific areas of the body to relieve pain and tension, providing a relaxing full-coverage shower.

ECO-FRIENDLY: Pressurized jets release a powerful spray that provides the sensation of more water while using less water for water conservation.

FULLY EQUIPPED: This shower system is engineered with a rainfall shower head, 4 body jets, a hand shower and a tub filler

DIY INSTALLATION: All parts, a user-friendly guide and an easy connect system are included to ensure a quick and easy setup.